Remove the acne potholes in the cheeks from these desi tips

By | June 2, 2018

Acne/Pimples can occur at any age. There are many reasons to form an acne on the face. Lack of water intake, excessive junk or oily food, too oily face, hormonal imbalances, usage of wrong beauty products of your skin type, dirt, pollution.

Children reaching into the teenage state have some issues of pimples on their face due to hormonal changes. They tend to pop those pimples which result in pots or holes and sometimes marks or dark spots.

Some of the reasons are –

  • Due to acne
  • Due to the use of nail on the face,
  • the hormones imbalance
  • due to the infection of the medicine
  • due to allergic reactions

We are going to discuss some of the best home remedies to remove acne potholes in the cheeks.

Remove the acne potholes with these homemade methods

Use of turmeric for acne scars

Anti-bacterial properties found in turmeric are very effective for skin and if consumed it will be of great benefit. You are reading skin care tips from FITLIFEPEDIA. If there is a pit on your face and there are stains, then if the turmeric is cooked in mustard oil and put it on the face then it will be of great benefit.

Use of lemon for acne potholes

If lemon is consumed, it can be of great benefit. Lemon is curable for our skin in every way. Grind lemon leaves and make the paste. Mix turmeric in it and put it on the face. If you are facing acne potholes problems, then this paste will give you the good result.

Use of curd for a pimple marks

The curd is beneficial to our stomach, but if it is applied to the skin, then the skin can also be healthy. If there is a pit or a pothole on somebody’s face, then add the lemon juice to the curd and prepare the paste. Now put it on your face, doing this will make the acne potholes on your face disappear and your face will glow.

Use of gram flour and milk for pimples

Gram flour is also very good for our health. And you getting this skin care tips from FITLIFEPEDIA.  Make a paste mixing gram flour with cow’s milk and turmeric. Apply regularly on the face, and see the magical result only in a week. The acne marks on the face will be erased and the face will bloom.

Multani clay and rose water for acne potholes

An ancient clay or soil used to treat allergies and acne/pimples is Multani Mitti. The stratum of soil-forming rock solid which can be crushed into a powder to form a paste mixing with rose water \. This paste can be used on the face as well as hair for a soft and skin by extracting the extra oil and dirt.

Note: It is not recommended for the people who have dry skin.

Use of toothpaste for a pimple scars

If you put the toothpaste on your face while sleeping at night and wash it with cold water in the morning, it will give benefit in the scar of pimples.

Use of baking soda in getting rid of pimple marks

Use baking soda in acne scars and pits on the face. Put baking soda at night while sleeping and wash in the morning. The acne marks will be erased and the face will be neatly cleaned.

Grinding papaya for glowing skin

Raw papaya on a face is very beneficial. It removes toxins from the body if consumes regularly. Read complete skin care tips for the face from the article.

Use of orange in mark free skin

Orange peels are also very good for our face. Grinding its peels and putting it on the face, your face dark marks will soon be erased.

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