Reduce your weight in just 7 days, try this simple methods for instant change

By | June 11, 2018

If you want to look hot and sexy for an upcoming party. Also, want to wear short dresses and looks glamorous. But you are upset with the extra fat of your belly. If such, then no need to worry. As we are telling you in this article to stay fit and look slim. Reduce your weight in simple terms and don’t think much.

Losing weight is not a miracle. Follow the methods we are sharing with you and fulfill your dreams. Reduce weight in 7 days is possible if you are determined. Just reduce the salt intake in your diet. Now let’s start with the post.

lose weight

Lose weight in just 7 days

As soon as you wake up in the morning, start drinking one teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water daily.

  • Leave the habit of eating junk food.
  • Eat food at a certain time, apart from this, eat food two hours before sleeping.
  • Avoid taking artificial or extra sugar in the food. Also, do not consume excessive oils or spicy foods.
  • Get the maximum amount of fiber in the food.
  • Increase the number of fruits and green vegetables in your diet.
  • Use oatmeal bread or multigrain bread instead of plain bread.
  • Use curd, cheese and other ingredients made from toned milk, leaving full cream milk products.
  • Walk for 30 to 45 minutes daily. Take a stroll 2 to 3 times a day. In addition to the morning walk, stroll after lunch and dinner. You will not be tired walking after lunch.
  • If you are eating at 8.30 at night, then prefer pulses and vegetables instead of chapati and rice. Eat light food at night.
  • Drink 12 to 15 glasses of water throughout the day, if possible, drink lukewarm water.

lose weight

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  • Do not eat anything at any time when you open the refrigerator.
  • Chew your meal well and eat breakfast whenever you eat for 15-20 minutes.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables according to the season.
  • Do not apply ghee or butter on chapati.
  • Add soya bean or gram flour to the flour and so on.
  • If your job is to sit then walk for 5 minutes every one hour.
  • Don’t join a gym to stay active & fit. Try to accept some other light exercises daily.
  • Take coconut water, lemon soda and so on. They not only play a significant role in reducing
  • weight but also in decreasing toxin.
  • Say No to rich food like chocolate, cake, toffee, ice cream, candy etc.
  • Do not eat potatoes, Arabi, etc. and eat rice after removing rice water.
  • Leave overeating and if you get hungry in the middle then eat salads like carrots, cucumber, murmure (puffed rice), roasted snacks etc.

With Weight loss try to have these things in your diet:

  • How Barley bread helps

Barley contains many vitamins and minerals for our body, as well as having antioxidants, it contains a good amount of fiber, along with keeping our body healthy, we keep it for a long time Feel filled so that we consume fewer calories. And they also improve our digestion.

How much you eat – 100 g barley I have 354 calories. A normal size of wheat roti (35 grams) has 110 calories and 1 is normal, which is 125 calories in roti (35 grams). Barley water is also beneficial for weight loss.

  • How Almonds Help-

Wet almonds are more potent because the almond moves are such elements that prevent all nutrients from working. After soaking 8-10 hours, after removing his bark, our bodies can use all the dress elements.

When to eat – Almonds are a good snack, which you can eat as a light meal. A healthy person should eat 23 almonds daily, but you should use it according to your calorie diet. By consuming too much it can make you fat.

  • How Is Appl Beneficial

When to eat – small apples are good to eat during snacks, and you can eat it before eating so that you will eat less. But determining the amount according to your calorie diet.

Calories – A typical size of 200 grams of apples is about 100 calories
Healthier Benefits – Keep the heart healthy, protects against cancer, makes the body healthy.

  • Spinach Is Also Beneficial

You can also boil it by making a vegetable or salad or its juice can also be eaten.

When to eat – it does not feel hungry for a long time after drinking the juice before the main meal.

Calories – Only 100 grams of spinach contains only 23 calories. It also has good sources of protein.

Health Benefits – Enhances anticonvulsant, make the skin shine, strengthens the bones, strengthens the brain and the nervous system, the list is very long, its list is very long.

  • Coconut Oil

If you can not take coconut oil, then use Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Calories – oils are completely fat, which means that every 1 gram of oil contains 9 calories fat, yes it is very much.

How much to eat – at least eat it to lose weight. By using 15-20ml (135-180 calories) coconut oil, it will help you to become slim, but if you eat more, it will make you fat.

  • Chilies

Chilies I find the capsicin element found to help turn fat cells into brown fat, allowing you to burn more fat. That is why we see that most of the high-fat diet is made in India and it is spicy (with many spices), which prevents it from gaining weight to some extent.

Use green-  Green/red chilies in your food and vegetables and incorporate it into your daily food, which will speed up the process of metabolism and fat burning.
Calories – 100 grams of red chilies are just 40 calories and 20 grams of capsicum.

Apply this diet chart for seven days and then see how your figure fits and you can wear hot dresses with short dresses and hot and sexy in the party. Please leave your suggestion in the comment box.

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