Regular habit of eating makhana has some wonderful benefits that even medicines may fail

By | June 7, 2018

Makhane (Fox Nuts) is the fruit that is grown in lotus seeds. The Makhana has been called the food of the Gods. It is also used in the work of worship (pooja) and Havan. As it is grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers or insecticides, it is said to be the organic herbal.

People also see the kheer of makhana recpie[Indian Recipe made of Milk] or even after roasting in salt given below at the end of the article. Makhana is an aquatic product rich in nutrients. Makhana is also beneficial for health.

Mashana seeds are also beneficial for organs like kidney and heart.

Makhana helps in improvising the sexual relationships. It prevents premature ejaculation and helps to increase the quality and quantity of semen, which increases libido. Also consuming Cow Ghee helps with such issue

The cholesterol-free diet, Makhana helps in muscle-building. The protein present in it helps in building strength and fights fatigue. And the best thing about Makhane or Fox nuts is that it can be consumed both in sweet and salty form according to your desire.

Eating makhana (Fox Nuts) benefits

1. Quickly fill the stomach

Calories, fat, and sodium are low in the makhana, so that can be eaten at any time. Not only this, the stomach fills up quickly by eating it. This leads to less hunger. Also helps while losing weight.

2. Must eat blood pressure patients

There is less sodium but potassium and magnesium are found in good quantity. Those who have blood pressure, they can eat makhana.

3. Beneficial for bone and teeth

Calcium is found in it which is beneficial for your bone and teeth.

4. Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disease, which is caused by high blood sugar levels. But Fox Nut is sweet and sour seeds. And because of its starch and protein in its seed, it is very good in diabetes.

5. Preventing Kidney Disease

Astringent in the Makhane, which avoids kidney disease.

6. Good for losing weight

For those who want to lose weight, the Makhana is no less than a boon. It does not contain fat and it also fills the stomach with food. So the appetite seems too low.

7. Protect from diarrhea

Because the Makhana is rich with an antioxidant, it is easily digested by people of all ages. Eating makhana can relieve diarrhea, such as frying in desi ghee.

8. Make your face beautiful

The Makhana is also full of antioxidants which helps prevent age. Because of which you look young for a long time. Makhana also reduces the wrinkles and white hair.

9. Sexually active

The nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, mineral and phosphorus present in the makhana, they work to enhance the sexual activity. Along with improving the quality of sperm, it also helps in increasing its number.

10. Good for pregnant women

Pregnant women should eat makhana. Also, the women after delivery who feels weak.

11. Relieve body weakness

At night you can have good sleep by eating makhana in milk. It removes body weakness and eliminates stress.

12. Reduce coffee addiction

If you have been addicted to coffee and you want to get rid of it then eat makhana.

13. Joint pain away 

Calcium is abundant in the manger. Their consumption proves to be very beneficial for patients with joint pain and arthritis.

14. Reduce stress

Consuming Makhane or Fox Nuts removes stress and also keeps the problem of insomnia away. Before sleeping, take the milk with milk and feel the difference.

Makhana Recipe

  • There is no taste in Makhana, so you can put salt in it while making it.
  • You can fry it with ghee on a light flame and mix salt according to the taste and eat it.
  • In addition to this, you can make with cinnamon or oregano too.
  • Not only this, you can also make sweets like Kheer.

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