Some Essential Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Toilet Clean & Hygienic

By | June 9, 2018

Toilet clean tips: A toilet does not only reflect your lifestyle but also affects the health of your family. If your toilet is smelling and there is dirt and so forth, then it will be guessed that you are careless and not aware of cleanliness. Along with this, the bacteria that grow can also spoil the health of the people of the family.

When a toilet is so important, it is very necessary to keep it clean. How to keep clean? Now you will say that everyone knows this! It needs the only brush and toilet cleaners, but do you know your brush can make it dirtier instead of cleaning the toilet?

There are many other things that are very important to know about the cleanliness of toilets. We are sharing some good cleaning tips for keeping the toilet clean.

tips for toilet clean

Keep the brush in the disinfectant after taking work 

Once you use the brush, the stool on the pot gets on the brush. You see the pot that it got cleared but did not see the brush. This brush will also smell in the restroom and when you clean it again, the mess will spread too.

So after brushing once in a day, immerse it in the disinfectant or bleach all night. The next time you use, your brush will be clean.

Sprinkle the insecticides instead of the wipes on the edges

Cleaning on the edges is a bit difficult, so it’s easy to sprinkle a little disinfectant in such a way and let it stay for a while. Then wipe it by wipe it. Blow dry cloth on shine.

Keep the toilet rim clean

Sprinkle the disinfectant on the toilet rim, as it also contains dirt and bacteria. Also, take such a brush which can be cleaned in this way. For this, you can use the waste toothbrush. Wear gloves in the hands while cleaning.

Use of white vinegar

Sprinkle a white vinegar in the flush tank, it will not only be clean and fresh but will also remove the hard-water deposited in your sanitary area. This will not make toilet jams.

Vinegar is a disinfectant, stain remover, and it is 100% non-toxic, so without a doubt, you can take it to work. For good aroma, you can also add vineyards, citronella or eucalyptus oil. You will not get much dirt if you clean it on the weekend by inserting vinegar daily in the flush tank.

Flush Correctly

Every sensible person is aware that after doing his job, they should flush the toilet properly. Not just flush right and full but flush all around. While flush, keep in mind that dirt does not return. You will know that while resting, the toilet throws dirt back with water pressure.

This is the reason that when you look at the brush many times, think of the dirt and spray from where? These are the particles that came back while flushing. Close this carefully and flush off the lid.

We have Some home techniques that can fix cleaning of tough stains without visiting market.

  • Spray Hydrogen Peroxide and let it stay for 300 minutes. brush well and flush it.
  • Make balls Mixing vinegar, baking soda and some tea tree( an antibacterial oil for aroma). Drop and let it dissolve in the water of the pot. Brush and flush.
  • Pouring Vinegar will help remove the stains underneath the toilet rim.
  • Castile soap and borax mixing together will help remove tough stains from the toilet and its rim.
  • To clean your toilet odorless clean it with some toothpaste, it will help remove stains with a fresh menthol fragrance.

Hope for the next time, when you use your toilet. You have enough idea of toilet clean.

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