Bepannaah: Jennifer Winget! Diet Plan, Beauty And Workout Secrets!

By | May 16, 2018

The talented and beautiful TV actress Jennifer Winget, Mumbai born ( 30 May 1985) and brought up. She as A born actress as a child she started her career way before any actress would do. Jennifer made her debut as a child artist at the age of 12 in the film “RAJA KO RANI SE PYAR HO GAYA” and ” KUCH NA KHAO”


She has been a host of tv shows like laughter ke phatke, Zara Nach Ke dikha 2, Dekh India Dekh, Star Diwali, Dussehra-Jeet Sachchai Ki, Dussehra-Jeet Sachchai Ki and finale host in Nachle ve with Saroj Khan.

She has been a contestant in Comedy Circus 3, Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout.

Jennifer Winget has performed various roles in different tv shows.

She was recognized from the television show Saraswatichandra which was produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.Jennifer Winget

She won the Indian academy awards for the role. Also, she won the lions gold award for Beyhad tv show. After Beyhad, her upcoming romantic serial is Bepannaah in which she plays a negative role.

Bepannaah: Jennifer Winget Diet plan|Beauty and workout Secrets

Jennifer Winget

Jennifer Winget refers to ” both skill and body image wise” in the expanding tv industry, requires artists gaming up. An actor should be recognized through his skill and talent, not by her skinny looks. Winget focuses on a healthy body, mind, and soul.

Jennifer Winget Diet plan Beauty and workout Secrets include a practicing yoga along with a balanced diet.

 Winget’s fitness regime:

  • A balanced diet and practicing Yoga.
  • Allocating time to run over the beach or brisk walking.
  • Winget has been practicing Yoga for three consecutive years.
  • She also states that she never skips a meal.
  • Also, she carries Home-cooked food for the shoot.
  • Drinking Lots of water and juices keeps her hydrated and is also good for a healthy skin.

Diet that Jennifer Winget follows:

  • Breakfast:  a vegetable poha accompanied with a glass full of juice/ a boiled egg without the yolk.
  • Lunch:  Dal and salad along with rice always accompany vegetable ( or a non-vegetable).
  • Supper: any kind of soup, grilled chicken, grilled fish.Jennifer Winget

Also, follow Mouni Roy fitness regime

Beauty Tips:

An actor by profession, Jennifer Winget never goes empty bag anywhere. She never fails to give herself a touch up when the make goes gloomy. Her ideal is Deepika Padukone for her impeccable looks, whereas she also admires Emma Watson, The Harry Potter starring actor, for her soft classical looks.

  • Though her makeup is [perfected by the professional makeup artists. But whenever touch up requires she never fails to use a highlighter for the glow.
  • She always keeps a red tint lip shade in her bag accompanies with a kohl.
  • Also, she uses mascara and lip balm to get chapped free lips.
  • To highlight her cheeks she uses blush.
  • A concealer is the best way to conceal the uneven tone of the skin. followed by a winged eyeliner.
  • Following up with the eucalyptus-enriched green pure clay mask is essential for Jennifer Winget. It helps revives and rejuvenates the skin after a long makeup application.

She is keen on visiting the salon for a proper skin exfoliation and relaxation. She also practices yoga three times a week, even though of a busy schedule.

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